Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life insurance, also known as permanent life, forms the basis of most individuals' life insurance programs.Permanent life insurance can provide lifelong protection with guaranteed premiums and cash value with these features:


  • Tax-deferred growth at competitive interest rates

  • Cash accumulation

  • Lifetime protection at level premiums

  • Easy access to your money through policy loans or withdrawals


Luso-American Financial offers 3 types permanent life insurance


Simplified Issue 


This Simplified Issue Whole Life Insurance Policy provides lifetime protection. This product offers an  affordable premiums for those ages 45 to 85 with a quick approval and NO MEDICAL EXAMS.

  • Issued Amount: $5,000 to $25,000 

  • No Medical Exams 

  • All rates for smokers and non-smokers

  • Only 5 Medical Questions

*Only offered in California and Idaho. Premiums vary per state.


Single Premium


This single premium whole life insurance policy provides lifetime protection with only one premium payment. This product offers an opportunity to transfer wealth to multiple generations, such as for spouse, and children. With the Luso single premium life plan you can immediately increases your estate, provide your beneficiaries with an inheritance that's not subject to federal income taxes, and ensure the your beneficiaries will receive a guaranteed death benefit.

  • Increase your estate value

  • Guaranteed death benefit

  • Protection for your lifetime

  • Death benefits are federal income tax free to the beneficiary

  • You can borrow money against cash value


10-Pay Life Insurance Plan


One of the advantages of buying this type of insurance is that you pay for 10 years and never have to pay another premium. The policy remains in force. The death benefit remains level for the duration of the policy. The death benefit is paid to your beneficiary when you die.


20-Pay Life Insurance Plan


With 20 Payment Life, you make premium payments for 20 years, and then you never have to worry about paying for life-insurance protection again. Paying for life-insurance protection during your working years is a great way to ease worries about your family's financial future. There's great peace of mind in knowing that your family's financial needs mortgage payments, tuition bills, and other expenses will be covered in the event of your death.