SPRSI History

On March 15, 1898, a group of Portuguese catholic women, at the incentive of Mrs. Rosa M. Oliveira, organized an altar society.  Its purpose was the maintenance and care of the church altar.  Chosen as Patroness was St. Isabel, the Queen who graced the throne of Portugal in the 13th century and was canonized in 1625, for her good deeds and acts of Charity to the poor and unfortunate.

The society was named "Sociedade Portuguesa Rainha Santa Isabel" with its motto "Charity, Sociability and Protection" to guide them.  In 1900, it was resolved to designate the first group Council "Santa Isabel", No. 1 of the S.P.R.S.I., thereby becoming a district entity and no longer functioning as an altar society. After many decades of storied history and independence, the SPRSI was merged into Luso-American Financial in 2008.


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Please come visit the S.P.R.S.I. Museum at our Luso-American Home Office in Dublin.

Link to S.P.R.S.I One Hundred Year Book to be posted at a later date.

History of the Sociedade Portuguesa Rainha Santa Isabel SPRSI