"Peter Francisco Award"

The Portuguese Continental Union "Peter Francisco Award", was created at the Society's 1957 Congress of Delegates, to be granted to a person or institution, of Portuguese or any other nationality, that by acts, conduct, or any other form of outstanding value and contribution brings prestige and admiration to all people of the Portuguese Heritage in the United States and the name of Portugal and its language and culture. The award was granted annually until 1967 and every five years after 1975.


The Peter Francisco Medal is composed by a cross resembling the Cross of Christ with a five point star and the shield with the arms of Portugal, suspended by a two hands shaking, the universal symbol of fraternalism, and across a sash with the words "Talent de bien fare" the monogram of Prince Henry the Navigator.

The previous Peter Francisco Awards were presented to...

  • John F. Kennedy in 1959, at the time a United States Senator of Massachusetts and President of the United States (1960)

  • Basil Brewer in 1960, Editor and Proprietor of the Journal "Standard Times" of New Bedford, MA

  • John dos Passos in 1961, Novelist and Poet

  • Joseph W. Martins, Jr. in 1963, US Congressman Massachusetts

  • Joao R. Rocha in 1964, Proprietor and Director of "Diario de Noticias" of New Bedford, MA

  • Joseph E. Fernandes in 1966, Business Entrepreneur - Fernandes  Supermarkets

  • Anibal S. Branco in 1967, Supreme Secretary of the Portuguese Continental Union of USA

  • Cardinal Humberto de Sousa Medeiros in 1975, The first Cardinal & Archbishop of Boston, born in Portugal (Azores)

  • Claiborne Pell in 1981, United States Senator of Rhode Island

  • Attorney Edmund Dinis in 1985, United States Senator & State Representative of Massachusetts

  • "Luso-Americano Portuguese-American Newaspaper" from Newark, NJ in 1990, Weekly Portuguese Publication

  • Dr. Manuel Luciano da Silva in 1995, Medical Doctor & Historic Investigator

  • Violinist Elmar de Oliveira in 2000, World Fame Violinist

  • Francisco J. Mendonca in 2005, Supreme Secretary Portuguese Continental Union (1968-1986, 1988-2002)

  • Jose M. Figueiredo in 2005, Supreme President of the PCU (1992 - 2002) & LALIS President (2003 - 2005)

  • Edith Francisco Buckley in 2010, Founder of the Society of the Descendants of Peter Francisco

  • The Society of the Descendants of Peter Francisco in 2010, The Society is to compile and maintain the documented records of Peter Francisco hand his descendants and give him his rightful place in American History.

  • Albert Costa, Jr. in 2015, Architect, Past PCU President