Portuguese Continental Union History

At a meeting of all Lodges of the "União Portuguesa Continental do Estado da California" in the East Coast, meeting on November 15 1925, at the e Clube União Luza, all delegates from the lodges present agreed to the independence from the California Society.  Delegates from Cambridge, MA joined Plymouth in declaring its independence from California as of November 1, 1925.  All other lodges from the East Coast joined the newly formed Society months later.

Several names were suggested for the new organization and "Portuguese Continental Union of the United States of America" was ultimately chosen and a Board of Directors was elected to govern the society.  The adjective "Continental" was included in the name of the Society to show that it was for men from the Portuguese mainland, or their male descendants, only.  Over time, the society accepted both men and women and those individuals with ties outside of continental Portugal, such as the Azores islands and Madeira.


The Portuguese Continental Union was then merged into Luso-American on January 1, 2002.

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