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Luso-American Financial – A Fraternal Benefit Society is a not for profit financial services company domiciled in the state of California, whose mission statement is “To be the premier provider of life insurance products and fraternal services to the Luso-American communities.”

With roots tracing back to 1868, through our network of fraternal councils and lodges, "LUSO" as we are affectionately known, has been helping generations of families thrive by promoting the fraternal, civic, cultural, social and educational ideals of the communities we live in.  In a nutshell, LUSO is a world where Family Values prevail - a world where we Stand by and Believe in our Young People and ultimately a world where the Portuguese Language & Culture are kept alive for Future Generations.
Please look through the various pages of our site to get to know a little more about us.  Whether it is finding out more about what a fraternal is, familiarizing yourself with our various product offerings or check our Media/News pages to view some great videos that show what we are all about - we look forward to connecting with you soon!
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7080 Donlon Way, Suite 200
Dublin CA 94568

Office: (925) 828-4884
Fax: (925) 828-4554
Toll Free: (877) 525-5876


128 Union St, Suite 502
New Bedford MA 02740

Fax: (774) 202-1275
Toll Free: (800) 378-0566

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